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Benedetta Morandi

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    Historical fencing deals with the study of the theory and practice of medieval fighting, mainly  of XIII and XIV Centuries.
    To practice with various kinds of weapon, combined with the stress on security and control, allows to understand, appreciate and experiment fascinating styles and techniques, strongly rooted in European historical and cultural past.


    Stage fencing deals with learning how to act likely and characterized scenes of fights, duels and battles.
    From the study of the technique to its application; from the creation, to the testing and finally the realization of a choreography, one learns to collaborate, to communicate, to control, to perform and personalize every movement, with the maximum stress on security and, most of all, fun.
    A new way to approach or improve the actor's trade, but also a way of growth and discovery.


    Combat training, if viewed as a non competitive activity, based on complicity between the opponents, can be an extremely formative experience for actors looking to complete their preparation: it trains in body control,perception of space, reaction time, focus and, most of all, helps to learn how to listen and relate to a sparring partner.

    Didactic activities can be structured in various ways, from weekly meetings to intensive seminars and stages or specific training programs for a single exhibition.


    I offer consultancy in creating or improving both duel or battle choreographies, adapted to various kinds of production.

    I also offer 
consultancy on medieval military equipments and garments and on historical fighting techniques.


Specifically for cinematographic and tv productions I offer to perform as stant double for any kind of close combat scene, both bare handed and with weapons, linking my “on the field” experience with good mimic and expressive capacities, along with a training in horse-back riding, swimming, bases of juggling, acrobatic (specifically stilts and rolla bolla).

B. Morandi, Combattimento Storico, Teatrale, Cinematografico

versione italiana    Versione Italiana

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